Evaluation of Financing of Economy Sectors in Lithuania in post2020

Client: The Ministry of Finance, 2018/07 – 2019/06

The aim of this evaluation was to improve the interventions implemented by the state in separate areas of public policy and to find consensus on the possibilities to replace public funding with other types of interventions (regulatory, tax, communication). The scope of the evaluation was broad and covered 14 public policy areas: education, science, technology and innovation, business and tourism, energy, energy efficiency and housing renovation, environment, transport, digital economy, health, employment and social inclusion, demography and migration, culture, public governance and regional policy. More than 30 intervention laboratories and focused group discussions were organized during the evaluation, supplemented by in-depth interviews. The results of the evaluation were used in the preparation of the National Progress Plan for 2021 – 2030 and the EU funds investment documents for 2021-2027 programming period.