Georgian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center (GEPLAC) Phase V and VI Projects

Client: European Commission, 2005/10 – 2007/03; 2007/06 – 2009/08

The mission of the Georgian-European Policy and Legal Advice Center (GEPLAC) is to promote Georgia’s political, economic and social convergence with the EU. The GEPLAC V and VI projects aimed to provide policy advice and capacity building to Georgian European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Office, to Ministries, Parliament and NGOs of Georgia in order to facilitate the implementation of Partnership and Co-operation agreement (PCA) and activity plan of European Neighbouring Policy (ENP). One of the most important component of the project were consultations on the harmonization of national law with EU acquis and legal reforms. The project also provided training for civil servants to increase their knowledge of harmonization and EU integration.

The GEPLAC project, funded by the European Commission, is a continuous and ongoing process. ESTEP, together with partners Altair Asesores S.L. (Spain), the British Council (UK), the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (Georgia), has implemented Phases V and VI of the GEPLAC project.