Improvement of public administration and training

In 2015, in the review of Lithuanian public governance the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) noted that in Lithuania, although a complex planning and monitoring system is in place, in practice there is still a lack of a result-oriented approach and administrative capacity. Since 2009, ESTEP experts provide consultations to Lithuanian public administration institutions and contribute to the improvement of strategic public sector management:

Client: Central Project Management Agency, 2018/01 – 2019/12

The aim of the project was to provide expert advice and assistance to the Chancellery of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania on the implementation of the strategic planning and budgeting system reform, which aims to increase its result-oriented approach and ensure sustainability of public finances. ESTEP experts assessed the adequacy of the new model of strategic planning and medium-term budgeting system, taking into account the possibilities and limitations of its application (legal, institutional, competencies, etc.), and provided recommendations for the improvement of the model.

Client: The National Audit Office, 2017/04 – 2018/12

The aim of this project was to increase the impact of public audits on the management of public funds and assets, as well as the efficiency of public sector management by creating a public audit impact assessment system. The services included the following activities and results: preparation of the public audit impact assessment methodology, performance of 9 public audit (financial and operational) pilot impact assessments and delivery of training to the staff of the National Audit Office, teaching them to apply the developed methodology and perform public audit impact assessments independently.

Client: The Chancellery of the Government of Lithuania, 2010/01 – 2015/07

In 2010-2015, together with its partners, ESTEP has implemented three major performance management improvement projects commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office (since 2013 – the Chancellery of the Government of Lithuania): Improving functional analysis in institutions accountable to the Government and evaluation of budget programmes (VORT-2); Improving regulatory impact assessment system (VORT-3); Improving performance monitoring system and evaluation of strategic planning documents (RESST). In Lithuania, these projects were the most important initiatives of the last decade in the field of strategic planning, result oriented management and capacity building. During the implementation of these projects, the most important result oriented management tools and systems were developed in Lithuania (Monitoring information system, performance management, program evaluation, functional review, impact of draft decisions / planned legal regulation, etc.), and ministries’ staff were consulted and trained to use these tools.

Clients: The Ministry of Finance, 2011/06 – 2014/05; 2019/03 – 2021/03; The Ministry of Agriculture, 2014/03 – 2017/03; 2018/12 – 2021/12; 2020/08 – ongoing; 2021/11 – ongoing

Together with its partners, ESTEP implements long-term technical assistance projects aiming to provide advice, expertise and training to Lithuanian institutions who are involved in administration of EU funds (European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, Cohesion Fund and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development). Experts assist institutions on all issues of investment planning and management of EU funds: on better planning and more relevant content of interventions, on application of state aid rules, on use of financial instruments, more effective institutional framework and other important issues.

Client: The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, 2017/04 – 2020/04; 2021/12 – ongoing

The aim of this project was to deliver training to wide target group – for the staff of ministries and agencies involved in the management the EU structural funds. During the project, ESTEP experts and lecturers responded to target group needs by developing more than 50 training programs on EU investment programming, better planning and monitoring, OP and project administration and financing. Trainings for socio-economic partners – representatives of business, NGOs, municipalities – were delivered and addressed effective participation in the process of administration of EU structural funds and other relevant topics.

This training has strengthened the competencies of the employees of the institutions managing the EU structural funds – it provided new, relevant knowledge and practical skills required to best perform direct work functions, raised motivation, thus creating added value for both the employees and the institutions. The training also provided opportunities for socio-economic partners to participate more actively in the process of the EU funds management, to better represent their interests, thus increasing the efficiency and benefits of the partnership. In general, the project contributed to more efficient and smoother management of EU investments in Lithuania.

Client: Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration, 2011/12 – 2012/09; 2011/04 – 2012/05; 2013/01 – 2013/06; 2014/01 – 2015/06; 2014/12 – 2015/07.

In 2011-2015 ESTEP, together with partners, Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA, France) and the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University (IIRPS VU), has implemented five large training projects aiming to provide Lithuanian civil servants with knowledge about the EU and developing their competences to properly represent Lithuania’s interests in the EU, during Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the European Union. Unique training programs have been developed and delivered by experienced trainers – former and current staff of EU and national institutions.

Client: Government Office of Estonia, 2016/01 – 2017/05

ESTEP, together with partners, the Center for Political and Diplomatic Studies (CPDS) and the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD), has conducted training for Estonian civil servants to prepare them for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. The project developed training programs “EU Institutions and Decision-Making Process”, “EU Legal Framework”, “EU Negotiations and Intercultural Communication”, “Cooperation and Negotiations with the European Parliament”, “Preparation for Chair of Working Group Meetings”.

The training has helped Estonia, during its first Presidency of the Council of the EU, to carry out Presidency tasks smoothly and successfully.

Client: The Prime Minister’s Office of Finland, 2019/03 – 2019/06

ESTEP, together with its partners, the Center for Political and Diplomatic Studies (CPDS) and the Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD), has developed training programme and conducted training for Finnish civil servants aiming to prepare them for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. Project lecturers have developed training programs “Negotiation Training for Working Group Chairs of Finland’s 2019 EU Presidency”.