Training “Concentrated knowledge about the EU in order to effectively represent Lithuania’s interests in the European Union”

Client: Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration, 2014/01 – 2015/06

This training project provided civil servants, newly recruited to the institutions’ EU coordination units or taking up new positions in the EU decision-making system, with a focused knowledge of the EU. After assessing the level of knowledge of civil servants an their training needs, 16 academic hours of programs for beginners and advanced have been developed, to discuss theoretical and practical issues of EU functioning and implementation of EU policies. The training deepened the knowledge of civil servants about the EU legal and EU institutional framework, decision-making process, EU policies, the impact of EU legislation, negotiations in the EU, the role of interest groups at the EU level, and the implementation of Lithuanian EU policies. 10 training sessions were organized during the project.

The new knowledge and practical skills acquired during the training allowed Lithuanian civil servants to operate effectively in the EU decision-making system and to successfully represent the country’s interests in the EU.