Improvement of qualification of Lithuanian civil servants representing Lithuania’s interests in the EU

Client: Lithuanian Institute of Public Administration, 2011/04 – 2012/05

The aim of this training project was to provide Lithuanian civil servants with knowledge about the EU and to develop the capacities to properly represent Lithuania’s interests in the EU, preparing Lithuanian civil servants for the presidency of the EU Council in 2013. Unique training programs were developed and conducted by ESTEP and VU IIRPS experts and lecturers – experienced, high-ranking former and current employees of national institutions with excellent knowledge of EU Presidency issues, as well as specialists working in Lithuania with national priorities and target group needs. During the project training programmes “Lithuanian European policy formation and Lithuanian priorities, “EU decision-making, policy, impact of legal acts and negotiations”, “Methodology of impact assessment of EU legal acts” were developed and training organized for different target groups. 117 training sessions were held during the project. The trainings were particularly well received by the training participants and client.

The training provided Lithuanian civil servants who joined the team of the EU Council Presidency in 2013 with the necessary knowledge, practical skills, confidence to operate successfully in the EU context and to properly represent Lithuania’s interests in the EU. Lithuania’s presidency of the EU Council is considered to be one of the most successful.