Improving performance management and developing a regulatory impact assessment system

Client: The Chancellery of the Government of Lithuania, 2010/01 – 2015/07

In 2010-2015, together with its partners, ESTEP has implemented three major performance management improvement projects commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office (since 2013 – the Chancellery of the Government of Lithuania): Improving functional analysis in institutions accountable to the Government and evaluation of budget programmes (VORT-2); Improving regulatory impact assessment system (VORT-3); Improving performance monitoring system and evaluation of strategic planning documents (RESST). In Lithuania, these projects were the most important initiatives of the last decade in the field of strategic planning, result oriented management and capacity building. During the implementation of these projects, the most important result oriented management tools and systems were developed in Lithuania (Monitoring information system, performance management, program evaluation, functional review, impact of draft decisions / planned legal regulation, etc.), and ministries’ staff were consulted and trained to use these tools.