Sharing Lithuanian experience for the successful implementation of the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement

Client: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2014/10 – 2015/05; 2015/09 – 2016/03

The project aimed to share Lithuanian experience and expertise and to assist Ukrainian government authorities in the creation of an efficient system of EU affairs and reform coordination for successful implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA), with particular emphasis on the necessary economic reforms. Project activities focused on technical assistance and high-level consultations of Lithuanian experts to Ukrainian institutions. Lithuanian long-term expert worked in Ukraine and provided advice and technical assistance on the creation of efficient system of EU affairs and reform coordination and implementation of EU – Ukraine AA, including Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), and necessary economic reforms. According to the needs of Ukrainian institutions Lithuanian short term experts provided advice on general and sectorial issues of AA and DCFTA implementation.

High-level expert consultations helped to strengthen the capacities of Ukrainian authorities to effectively coordinate EU affairs, plan and implement the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, transpose and implement EU legislation, while undertaking the necessary economic reforms and speeding up the country’s political integration with the EU, which promotes the political, economic and social modernization of countries, ensures security and stability.

The project was funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme.