Strengthening of the professional competences of the staff of the institutions managing the EU Structural Funds

Client: The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, 2017/04 – 2020/04; 2021/12 – ongoing

The aim of this project was to deliver training to wide target group – for the staff of ministries and agencies involved in the management the EU structural funds. During the project, ESTEP experts and lecturers responded to target group needs by developing more than 50 training programs on EU investment programming, better planning and monitoring, OP and project administration and financing. Trainings for socio-economic partners – representatives of business, NGOs, municipalities – were delivered and addressed effective participation in the process of administration of EU structural funds and other relevant topics.

This training has strengthened the competencies of the employees of the institutions managing the EU structural funds – it provided new, relevant knowledge and practical skills required to best perform direct work functions, raised motivation, thus creating added value for both the employees and the institutions. The training also provided opportunities for socio-economic partners to participate more actively in the process of the EU funds management, to better represent their interests, thus increasing the efficiency and benefits of the partnership. In general, the project contributed to more efficient and smoother management of EU investments in Lithuania.