Strengthening Ukrainian administrative capacity to coordinate the transposition and implementation of EU law

Client: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2010/08 – 2010/11

The project aimed to strengthen the administrative capacities of the staff of the State Department for Legal Approximation (SDLA) under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to analyse EU legislation, plan its transposition and properly implement it. The SDLA was the coordinating body in Ukraine for the approximation of Ukrainian legislation to the EU acquis. Lithuanian experts shared best practices which helped Ukrainian state institutions in developing the system of transposition and implementation of EU law, as well as on individual specific issues of transposition and / or implementation of law. The project aimed to transfer know how accumulated in Lithuania, whose legal transposition and implementation system was labelled as a best practice for EU27 by the study of the World Bank in 2006) and shared experience with the Ukrainian colleagues both as regards internal and external organizational and process management as well as explanation of several selected substantive issues of legal approximation.

Lithuanian good practice and expert knowledge helped SDLA to better plan and properly coordinate the law harmonization program set up in the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement. Overall, the project has contributed to closer integration of Ukraine with the EU.

The project was funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme.