Support to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to coordinate the implementation of the Association Agreements with the EU and to strengthen their trilateral cooperation

Client: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2018/03 – 2018/09

The aim of the project was to strengthen the capacity of civil servants working in the Ukrainian, Georgian and Moldovan institutions and responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Association Agreements (AA) at state level, in particular by harmonizing law and coordinating the implementation of the AA. Lithuanian experts advised Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova on the implementation of Association Agreements with the EU, addressing issues relevant to all three countries. In September 2018, a trilateral seminar was held in Kiev, where experts from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine as well as international experts discussed and summarized the experiences of all three countries in the field of European integration. ESTEP experts have presented an Analysis of the Eastern Partnership countries’ relations with the EU and perspectives for its modernization.

The project contributed to a smoother implementation of the Association Agreements between Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova with the EU, more coherent planning, and strengthened cooperation between the three countries, thus creating better conditions for a permanent dialogue between the three associated countries. Project also actualised the academic experience in this field gained during the implementation of the project “EU-STRAT – The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: an Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment“.

The project was funded by the Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme.